This is about a few of my last adventures spent in Valencia. The weekend after Thanksgiving, I went to the best fútbol match of my life! It was Valencia vs Barcelona. I decided to go alone and it was the best decision of my life. It was definitely the most exciting game I’ve ever been to and there wasn’t an empty seat in the house. It ended with a tie 1-1 but I couldn’t complain because it was awesome.

The following weekend (first weekend of December) was spent with ISA. On Friday we went to the Falleros museum and Buñuelos y chocolate. The falleros museum is for all the ninots displayed in the Fallas Festival. Since I am not able to go to the festival, I decided this was a great opportunity to see the best ninots from all the years since it started. Then we went to a local place and ate delicious buñuelos y chocolate!!

The next day we ventured our way up to Montanejos for two days of adventures. On Saturday we made a stop and went and went into a cave and took a boat tour. Then we arrived at the hotel to drop off some stuff and we were off. First we went to the natural “hot” springs. Hot is in quotes because it wasn’t that warm but it was definitely warm for the temperature outside. It was freezing so we all went back to the hotel to wait for our next adventure. Our tour guide showed up and we went on a hike up one of the mountains. It was definitely harder than I thought It was going to be! We even went inside of a cave! To finish off the day we all ate together one last time as a group and had a BBQ and ended with dancing in the hotel where they set up a little club like setting.

On Sunday we went white water rafting!!! I had never been so I was so excited! However, the water and air was freezing. Nevertheless it was still such an awesome time and something I’ll never forget. We even made two pit stops along the way where they let us jump off the side cliffs!

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