Roma, Italia

The past week I spent 9 days in Italy traveling to Rome, Florence, and Venice! I was lucky enough to have my mom join Kendyl and I in Rome and Florence. We arrived in Rome on Saturday morning. We took a train form the airport to Roma Termini and this train station had a great little market! Then we waited for our Airbnb to get ready and waited for my mom to get there. Once she was there we were off to our first adventure (what a trooper after being on the plane for 8-9 hours and the time difference). Our first stop was the Roman Forum, and it was amazing! So cool to be able to walk on the same grounds as the Romans and see all the pieces that were still left standing. Then we ventured over to the Colosseum, only to find out that they were closed for the day, so sad. So, we just ended up going to dinner at an amazing place Angelino, where I got lasagna and it was the first dish of my never ending pizza and pasta binge. After this it was dark and we saw the colosseum at night and then went to the Trevi Fountain to see that at night (which was what I wanted to do the most)! I threw in two coins for Love! We got some yummy gelato and walked around for a little before heading home for the night.

Our second day was jam packed and started super early. We went to a cute little bakery on the way to the Colosseum and went inside the Colosseum to see one of the seven wonders of the world! It was so amazing to see something like this. Then we took the long way to the Trevi Fountain and saw some other cool buildings and books that we hadn’t planned on seeing because of time! Then we were off to the Spanish Steps. I climbed all the way to the top by myself and saw an incredible view of city of Roma. Our next stop was the Pantheon, another beautiful building in such a random place. We then went and had lunch in Piazza Navona which had a beautiful Fountain and so many amazing artists displaying their pieces (of course I bought some paintings). Our next planned stop was an old church/castle(?), I don’t remember because we didn’t go into it because it was expensive! But along the way to there we stopped at many different stores and random cute places to take pictures at. We went into a leather store (because you can’t go to Italy and not buy something leather). When in there, the glass door shattered on my face!! It was the craziest thing ever, but still bought the bag, of course. After we went to the church/castle(?) we some how ended up going to Vatican City! We didn’t go in, just wanted to see what it was like. Then we ventured over to another little square with a cute market. However, it started to rain so we took an Uber back to the Airbnb. When we were hungry for dinner we went over to Trastevere which had so many restaurants.

Our last day in Rome (Monday) we went into the Vatican City to explore the many museums and the Sistine Chapel. My favorite piece was the Sphere In A Sphere. It took almost two hours just to get to the chapel because of the maze it takes to get there. Everything was so beautiful there and filled with so much historical artifacts. We finished early before our train so we went back to Angelino for lunch and then we were off to Florence by train!

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