(Merzouga), Morocco, Africa 

On Saturday we spent a day of traveling (12 hours) to the Sahara desert! We made a stop to eat lunch in the oasis and then stopped at a fossil place where all the fossils can be found in the Sahara. Once arriving in Erfoud we took 4x4s to our campsite in Merzouga. We were there just in time to catch the sunset and boy was it beautiful. Then we ate an amazing dinner cooked in a Tagine (which all meals were cooked in). Accompanied with dinner was live music and dancing! Then we sat in the dunes and looked at the amazing stars. We were able to see multiple shooting stars and the milky way!  

The next day we woke up early and watched the sunrise and it sure was beautiful. Then we ate breakfast and rode the camels through the Sahara and climbed up a huge sand dune to see the desert (and mountains the separated Morocco from Algeria. Then we rode our camels into town where we walked to a hotel and spend a few hours in the pool (such a nice refreshment). Then we walked back to our campsite for lunch and took a nap since the sun tired us out. While waiting for dinner we watched the sunset and hung out around the camp. Then we ate the best dinner ever! It was fresh vegetables with a yummy sauce ontop of it with rice and then chicken with vegetables served in the tagine. After dinner we star gazed and woke up again at 3 am to see the stars at their brightest (so many shooting stars at this time). 

We then woke up on Monday morning, ate breakfast and were on our way once again to Meknes. On our way back we stopped in the mountains to see the cute (yet very mean) monkeys. 

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